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TDH3 Run #78 (written by "Hazukashii")

Run No. 78 - November 3, 2023
Venue: Da Lat, Vietnam (Mekong Indochina Hash Weekend)

We had 121 hashers turn up for this amazing trail in Da Lat, Vietnam. We gathered at the doorstep of TDH3 central in Da Lat, the TTC Premium hotel, for the 30 minute bus ride out to Golden Valley. Golden Valley is basically a nature preserve, and the hash made full use of the available terrain. After the three busses unloaded, we all circled up to hear from our hares, HAZUKASHII and CALCOHOLIC, on what was in store. The pack was welcomed, but warned of possible Water Buffaloes, Horses, dogs, and the inevitable rise in elevation.

First we headed through the wedding party taking pictures in the forest, the trail skirted the water front, before making its first swift climb towards the skyline. Zigging and zagging through a few checks, the first of many peaks was reached, but fortunately not a water buffalo in sight. Making their way down from the top, a runner & walker split divided the pack based on their level of enthusiasm (about 50/50). The walkerís trail had a short jaunt up the hillside, while the runnerís had a sweeping journey through a small farmerís village before bottoming out. But only for a moment, as trail took a sharp right turn for a LOOOOONGGG climb back up to the next mountain crest.

There were so many amazing views of the hinterlands, that many hashers forgot the pain they were in, as they soaked up the scenery. After many rises and falls, they eventually merged back with the walkerís trail for the final saunter into the finish where multitudes of beer and food awaited them.

After the pack had replenished, circle was called and Boob-a-loob entertained us as the RA for the day. The hares were called in, followed by all the TDH3 crew for all their efforts. That was followed by all the significant foibles that took place on trail, especially all those klutzy hashers who managed to fall down . . . go boom, some of them more than once. After an hour or so of abusing the pack, the honorific line up of hash virgins were awarded their shirts . . . 21 females, and 18 males were fuckterized into the TDH3 clan.

Then we were wined and dined on a plethora of local delicacies before boarding the busses back to town. All in all, a wonderful day on the hash. No telling when the next TDH3 trail may be . . . keep your eye peeled on the website.

See the pictures:

The trail . . . 8 kms for the runners, and 5 kms for the walkers.

Welcome to my trail . . . but watch out for the water buffaloes

Getting started.

Almost to the first peak.

Coming down from the last peak.

One last climb before the finish.

The Boys getting fuckterized.