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TDH3 Run #76 (written by "Hazukashii")

Run No. 76 - November 11, 2022
Venue: Kampot, Cambodia (Mekong Indochina Hash Weekend)

Three long years have gone by since the last TDH3 trail back at Mekong Indochina Hash in Chiang Mai. We are now in Kampot, Cambodia and soaking up the sun, and lots of it. Gathering at the Sunny Hotel, (a.k.a. TDH3 Central), a pack of 80 hashers gathered for what lay ahead. It was a short ride out into the countryside, and first thing upon arrival, straw hats were passed out for those that wanted them you can see them in the pictures). There were three trail options (short, medium, and long), and as you may guess . . . I went short, like my P****, opps, we’ll save that story for anther time. So, all of us LONG trail runners were sent to the back of the lot and told to turn left. We took a few turns and ran right into the first of several FT marks on this 10 Km trail (well, it was probably shorter, but being a lucky loser I found a few of those FTs and searched the wrong way at a couple checks). That turned us around to the slightest of water crossing, really just a low spot where a puddle formed, and already some of the softer hashers were crying and turning around. But on we go . . .

Fly along on the trail with us . . .

The first couple kms were a loop back to almost the start, where the first drink stop was passed by. Trail continued on out into some most excellent paths, and after snaking our way between a few small huts, we had a bridge crossing followed by a long stretch along the river . . . and then we waded across it (only ankle deep), and continued on into a small village. After check several directions, true trail was eventually found headed back along the way we came in, and meandered into the open spaces of failed constructions sites. It seemed like we had only just gotten started, when we popped out of a narrow alley way and ran into a few tuktuks lined up on a dirt road . . . beer stop? YES . . . end of the trail? YES. It was a nice touch, carting our sweaty asses the last couple of kms back to the awaiting party barge, where the cold beer flowed freely. This barge would be party central for the rest of the day, as we cut loose from the shore and rode her back into Kampot. Lunch was served, and we had the circle right there on the boat. Well done to the hares for setting a fabulous trail, and to Nibbles and the other helpers for organizing a great day of hashing and fun.

See the pictures: