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TDH3 Run #72 (written by "SLAP")

Run No. 72 - October 31, 2014
Venue: Chiang Rai, Thailand (Mekong Indochina Hash Weekend)

Our heads were still spinning as we climbed on the hash bus at 0930 after a morning that started in Bangkok, we flew to Chiang Rai where we met up with 3 other hashers on the same early morning flight and were chauffeured to the hotel to drop our bags (all coordinated by the fantastic TDH3 organizers). Before we knew it the pack was away and the hares led us running diagonally across fields of trees, checking just long enough for the walkers/wankers to pass the FRBs then the distant call of On On led us off again to a beautiful lake with some shiggy loops and BTs up steams and elephant trails.

As we progressed around the lake the trail became part of the lake in short places, then in longer places, and by the time we came to the shortcut which involved swimming across the lake we were wet enough that it wouldn't really have mattered but we stayed on paper until we found one of the hares at a beer stop where we enjoyed the nectar of the gods and were given bananas to feed the zebras and giraffes. Yes I said zebras and giraffes, yes this is the Thinking Drinking Hash, yes we are in Thailand, and yes there is a cold beer in my hand; sanity check complete, it seems the hares had found a zoo/animal park for the pack to enjoy at the beer stop.

Trail to finish led us through terraced fields of small tea trees, down farmer's paths between beautiful rice fields of nothing but green to a small lake with a traditional Thai house and a finely manicured lawn for us to enjoy. Circle included the traditional antics of welcoming the virgins, honoring long time Thinking Drinking Veterans, and Noriega's demonstration of fine Chinese/Japanese speaking abilities. At the On After we found all we could eat traditional Thai foods and all we could drink beer at a beautiful outdoor restaurant next to fields of green grass (was it a golf course) we were told all is owned by Kirin Brewing who has a brewery operating in the area. The bus delivered us back in time for check in, a shower, a nap, and frosty cold beverage before the Mekong Indochina welcome party began!  On On to the hares and organizers for a fabulous Thinking Drinking experience.


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