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TDH3 Run #65 (written by "Hazukashii")

March 21, 2008
Venue: Swan Valley, Perth, Australia (Interhash 2008)

After a late night of frivolity at the Red Dress run, we had an early Friday morning start, meeting the buses at 0930 for registration and an hour ride out to the start in Swan Valley. So good to see many old friends. It was a hot day, so the was plenty of hashers chugging water. Rusty Nuts was the lead hare, and along with some of the other local boys they set a trail with 3 river crossings, some of it knee deep in mud, and several criss-crossings of the walkers and runners trails. Half way through there was a bit of confusion as the back arrived at what was suppose to be the first beer check, but there was no-one there, seems the truck left the park late. Undaunted, the pack labored on and found the second beer check, but did not dally around long. Much of the pack short-cut the final leg, as it ran right past the park, and headed straight for the refreshments already icing down. After munching on steak burgers and sausages (and a fair bit of piss) the circle formed and . . .

In the end, we boarded the busses back to town, and prepared for the worst . . . but in true hasher form, the IH committee had fixed the beer dispensing process, and there were very short lines. Good on-ya mate!

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