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TDH3 Run #51 (written by "Hazukashii")

October 18, 2002
Venue: Chiang Mai, Thailand (Mekong Indochina Hash weekend)

Friday started with the accustomed Thinking Drinking H3 trail. We boarded the busses and headed off with a "police escort" for the 90 minute bus ride to the outskirts of Chiang Mai. It was a mere 98 degrees F, and every box of water on the bus was empty by the time we reach the start. 

After a short hare brief, we were off on a 90 minute trail of the best shiggy in Thailand. We covered many a rice paddy, irrigation ditch, wooden plank, dirt road, dirt trail, and grassy field, finally finishing up on a mile long damn along the reservoir overlooking the lake on one side, and a beautiful valley on the other (see the pictures below). A nice breeze cooled blew as we consumed many a beer, not just to rehydrate but to wash down the fabulous Thai cuisine put on by the hash.

In the tradition of the TDH3, the circle ensued and games began. A nice grey shirt was passed out, with the virgins redressing themselves (having been fukterized). We made the trip back to town singing hash songs and laughing our arses off. Arriving at the registration locale for the Mekong Indochina hash, a rabid pack stormed the sign in desk and mass hysteria ensued. Ahhh hashers, ya gotta love 'em.

See the pictures:

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